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Character Breakdown


She is a young angel that falls out of favour in Heaven for disobeying rules. Her Guardian Angel tries to guide her, but her stubbornness prevents her to listen and learn. Arebella is a beautiful firebrand with a feisty personality and suspicious of Humans and their behaviour.

Tannie Martie

A lifelong neighbour to Jan is caring, giving, and loved by all. The seventy year old farmer’s wife is a romantic at heart and set on finding Jan a good wife. When Arebella arrives, she welcomes the opportunity to take care of her, coach, and ‘mother’ her, and set her up with Jan.


The forty-five year old foreman on Jan’s wildlife farm, has an on/off relationship with his girlfriend, Bunny. His relationship with Jan is at times strained because of Bunny’s influence on him. He instantly likes Arebella and is impressed with her abilities. He and Bunny distils illegal liquor behind his house, and hides it from Jan.

La Guardia

A caring guardian angel to humans, sent from Heaven to ensure that Heaven’s plans are fulfilled. She takes a particular interest in Jan and his neighbours and assists and guides Arebella.


In his late thirties, Jan is a diligent wildlife conservationist that owns his own wildlife reserve. The will to love died with his wife, and he has no time for any romantic relationships. He is a loner and distant, but still cares for his inner circle  people. Arebella takes him on a journey of self-discovery and opens his thoughts and heart.

Oom Basie

Martie’s husband is a farmer with a heart of gold, which treats Jan as a son. He suffers from a terminal illness, however, is strong in his faith. He fully understands Heaven’s intentions with Arebella and supports and assists Tannie Martie’s attempts at match making between Jan and Arebella.


A troublesome mid-forties opportunist is always looking for ways to make a profit out of others. Jan and Tannie Martie do not like her as they see through her false motives. She lures Arebella to sell her to the evil Salvatore.


As a “fallen angel” this business man catches wayward angels that enter Earth’s domain. He hates Heaven and is therefore a direct enemy of Arebella that will do anything to destroy her and the fulfilment of Heaven’s plans.

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