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Sunset in a Namibian Game Reserve


  • Set exclusively within the confines of a Namibian Game Reserve

  • Budget is lower than the average budget for similar films today

  • Once financing is complete (Greenlit), total production will only be 18 weeks

  • All scenes will have tracking vehicles that allow for flexibility for a variety of shots using different lenses

  • Camera work will be a mix of high intensity movement as well as slow, calm and deliberate movement

  •  Multiple cameras will be used for difficult scenes

  • 2nd camera, when not accompanying 1st unit, will shoot establishing scenes of wildlife and tracking

  • Angel to be enhanced through use of string backlighting with soft key eye lights

  • Throughout production, no damage shall be made to the environment nor shall any animals be harmed. Upon completion of filming full rehabilitation shall be undertaken to areas where filming took place

  • Conservation Officers shall be in charge of any and all animals being filmed

  • Use of sound, buzz tracks and location sounds are very important to this film and will enhance the visuals and tension, and add value to the film

  • Music selection, using dramatic African orchestral sounds, shall support the themes of love, hate, jealousy, heroism, tension and justice

  • Atmosphere of the film to be enhanced by creative lighting ensuring high contrast, dark, cold and moody tones versus natural, bright and cheerful

  • A combination of classic fast cut, quick paced, and high energy editing for constructive translation. But longer, lingering shots will slow the pace, when necessary, to enhance the mood of a scene

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