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Mount Etjo Welcoming Gates


  • Mount Etjo Safari Lodge is situated in the heart of the Okonjati Game Reserve, in the north of Namibia, established by world-renowned conservationist Jan Oelofse
  • A memorandum of intent between Namib Film Trust and Mount Etjo Safari Lodge for the use of the property for the filming on location has already been signed on 2 April 2022
  • Agreement includes that the lodge shall be closed to the general public during the filming with Santa-Donna Productions (Pty) Ltd enjoying exclusive rights to the reserve for this period
  • With thousands of animals and many different bird species protected here, the breathtaking African wilderness and wildlife will all be included in the filming, adding a heart warming appeal to the movie
  • Opportunities for employment will be created for the local population, contractors and vendors wherever possible

    Location sourced by Desert Ace Tours
Mount Etjo
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